a test, a lesson learned and bear peak hike redux

This morning I woke up and after my pot of coffee (it's good for the heart, look), I realized that I had not one single thing that was due today. So, I decided to do a little test to see if I could, in fact, spend the whole day away from the office without anyone being the wiser. I've often wondered if I could get away with little daily excursions (vacations) and not have anyone freak out about me not being able to respond thisveryinstant to their every whim. And, one of the advantages of having a smartphone is that it makes it much easier to work from just about anywhere.

So, I took off at about 8a and drove to just outside of Boulder to do Bear Peak. Yes, yes, I just did this a few weeks ago, but I knew I would be in cell tower range for most, if not all, of the hike, and I figured this would be a good baby step to training my mind in this new way of thinking. Usually, I feel like I can't leave for even just a little bit in case someone needs something. Which, of course I know is utterly ridiculous and destroys one of the main benefits of working for yourself—being able to set your own schedule—but I succumb to it on a daily basis anyway.

I learned that the upside is that I can nearly work from anywhere as long as there's a cell tower somewhere close by. The downside is that I can nearly work from anywhere as long as there's a cell tower somewhere close by. Of course, if I had to actually design something, then I could not do that from the top of a mountain (unless I were willing to lug my laptop up there, which so far, I am not), but I can respond to email and take phone calls and make appointments, all while walking in the woods. Which, I have to admit, is pretty cool.

I'm just afraid that this means that now I will really feel guilty about taking the weekends off.


dylan said...

Maybe I'm just lucky, but my clients do just fine when I disappear. When I'm back, I'm responsive. They seem to understand that I have other projects and activities.

Keep seeing what you can get away with! If we don't figure it out, someone else will...

dylan said...

I should have said I'm always surprised how well my clients do when I disappear, because the tendency is definitely to imagine the worst. Today I tried not to sound strained on a morning bike ride with A's parents that extended into the afternoon. "No really, don't hurry on my account" (my inbox will only have 200 screaming emails. surely somebody's site went down. etc...)

LSL said...

How is it that you have two posts up without comments from me? This isn't right. I think I've been saving them in my reader to comment on, and then . . . just . . . life.

1. Don't ride your bike with flippy-floppies on, please.
2. You can't really do push-ups for an hour, can you? Did you work that in there just to make me feel lousy about almost passing out after 50 sit-ups this morning?
3. I love your Mom's comment about you and roommates. I hope it's going ok, or about to go ok. I bet it will be kind of fun, and, I don't know, it sounds like it might go really, really well.
4. Are you honestly in the shitter that long that you have to schedule it around each other? Just go. He can hold it for a minute.
5. I know you didn't just say that you're afraid you're going to feel guilty taking the weekends off. From friend to friend: that sounded very corporate. Stop now before you start saying "synergize" and stuff.

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