a test, a lesson learned and bear peak hike redux

This morning I woke up and after my pot of coffee (it's good for the heart, look), I realized that I had not one single thing that was due today. So, I decided to do a little test to see if I could, in fact, spend the whole day away from the office without anyone being the wiser. I've often wondered if I could get away with little daily excursions (vacations) and not have anyone freak out about me not being able to respond thisveryinstant to their every whim. And, one of the advantages of having a smartphone is that it makes it much easier to work from just about anywhere.

So, I took off at about 8a and drove to just outside of Boulder to do Bear Peak. Yes, yes, I just did this a few weeks ago, but I knew I would be in cell tower range for most, if not all, of the hike, and I figured this would be a good baby step to training my mind in this new way of thinking. Usually, I feel like I can't leave for even just a little bit in case someone needs something. Which, of course I know is utterly ridiculous and destroys one of the main benefits of working for yourself—being able to set your own schedule—but I succumb to it on a daily basis anyway.

I learned that the upside is that I can nearly work from anywhere as long as there's a cell tower somewhere close by. The downside is that I can nearly work from anywhere as long as there's a cell tower somewhere close by. Of course, if I had to actually design something, then I could not do that from the top of a mountain (unless I were willing to lug my laptop up there, which so far, I am not), but I can respond to email and take phone calls and make appointments, all while walking in the woods. Which, I have to admit, is pretty cool.

I'm just afraid that this means that now I will really feel guilty about taking the weekends off.


catching up

Blogland! What's going on? You thought I'd left without saying goodbye didn't you? But I'm here and everything is alright.

Things have been happening, kids. Things which have kept me away from the ol' 'puter. I have news:

- I hurt my shoulder bouldering at the gym about a month ago. I haven't been free of pain since. It hasn't helped that I've been extremely stubborn and keep 'doing stuff' in spite of the pain I'm in. It's pretty obvious that trying to do push-ups for an hour at boot camp class with a sore shoulder is most likely a bad idea, but why would running bother it? I don't know the answer to that question, but I'm not going anywhere that won't let me bring my ice pack and my hot water bottle and my Advil® along.

- Work has actually been crazy. Like crazy to the point that I'm logging at least 8 hours a day, if not more. I'm not sure I like it all that well, but it's nice to stock the coffers. (I realize that 8-hour days are not crazy to those of you who actually work, but I'd gotten used to 2-hour days. This is...a shift.)

- M and I decided that it was time to move in together. That will apparently happen sometime this coming fall. Mostly I'm excited about the decision and I find myself planning things, but occasionally I will get really freaked out and break out in a cold sweat over it. As my mom told me, 'You don't do well with roommates.' I'm hoping that this will be different than past experiences.

It's weird to contemplate a life with someone else when you've spent the past (almost) 40 years building one by yourself and never imagining that you'd one day have to schedule time in the shitter around someone else's day.

- I've started riding my bike everywhere again. I wussed out this winter. Mostly because I don't have a good place to clean it if it gets cruddy. Which it does in the winter. So far, I am without crashing this season, although if I keep riding in my flip flops, I give it a matter of days. Sometimes, though, putting on the bike shoes in order to be able to clip in seems like too much work.

Ok. That's all I think. I'll try to stop by more frequently here in the future.