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Well. Hello Internets. How've you been?

I have no excuses really, just pure, unadulterated laziness. And an unwillingness to talk to you people. I'm back for one reason and one reason only—M and I are headed to Taiwan for a few days and people (I'm looking at you Doug) have pressured me into writing posts about the trip. And, there's nothing I'll succumb to like a little peer pressure.

So. Here we go.

For today's post all I'll say is airports make me anxious. And, I'm a little sad that I'll miss most of the NCAA tournament. I was so happy that UNC didn't even make it in this year, that I blew off filling out my brackets until the last possible second. Therefore, they were rushed and not really well thought out. Oh well. UNC didn't even make it—what's winning a bracket pool compared to that?

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Michael5000 said...

Taiwan! Sweet!