taiwan, day 8

The sun's out today, so we wander downtown and I take pictures of all the signage I can see.

We decide to take a stroll through the Flower and Jade Markets. They're pretty much exactly what you'd think they are. I'm not one for plants usually, but the orchids here are beautiful and I sort of wish I could figure out some way to get one home. The jade is many-hued and pretty. I'm surprised by all of the colors. I'd thought that jade was always just green. I consider buying something for my mom, but get nervous about getting something bad so end up passing on it altogether. Sorry, Mom.

Our hosts take pity on me and let me have a hamburger for lunch. It's delicious. I would sort of kill someone for a turkey sandwich by now. I've loved all of the food we've had so far, but I'm really feeling the need for something familiar. After lunch, I decide to wander around by myself a little and just take in their neighborhood. It's weird being out and about by myself. I'm a little nervous about not being able to find my way back home, but as I continue walking I start to recognize how the streets are named and begin to feel more confident as I go on.

I find the majority of the architecture here to be excessively ugly and depressing. M says it's because when The Nationalists came over they threw all of the buildings up quickly, thinking they'd be headed back to the mainland at any second. Slowly, as they've come to realize that they're here to stay, they've started to invest more thought and care into their buildings. So, there's a strange mix of old, decrepit and boring with modern, new and interesting. This is really apparent just on the outside edges of downtown.

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LSL said...

Wandering around alone sounds really nice. My favorite thing, maybe in the whole world, is wandering around a new, non-English speaking city. I love feeling anonymous and really small. But I would want to be sure I could find my way back home. :)

I'm so glad you got a hamburger for lunch. I hope it wasn't a fucked up hamburger. I hope it was pretty close to the real thing.