taiwan, day 1

We get in at almost midnight after what feels like a pretty grueling day. Right before we get on the last leg of the trip out of Tokyo, the world feels like it's slowly rocking back and forth and I feel kind of nauseous and dizzy. The second after we sit down, I ask, 'Is it a bad idea to take a nap right now?' And don't even wait for the answer before I pass out, oblivious to anything that comes after for the next three hours.

Thankfully, we arrive at a decent time to go to bed and get quite a bit of sleep before we get up to start our day. The jet lag is still pretty bad though so we take it pretty easy this first day, eating a really good lunch of 'soup dumplings' at a place called Fong's. Then we walk around a little gathering up stuff for dinner, trying to stay awake. I feel like a zombie.

They have scooter parking spaces everywhere here and scooters pretty much rule the traffic world. Which I find pretty adorable.

They weren't lying about the translations of stuff into English.

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