jones' pass

For the first time in what seems like years, the temps soared up above 10º on Saturday, so M and I decided to get in a short snowshoe trip. This has become my favorite way to bring in the new year (along with purging and shredding), and although I'm a week late this year, I think it still counts, right? This time around we went up to Jones' Pass right outside of Empire, Colorado (on the way to Winter Park).

This trip was made all the more special because we almost gave up before we even got there. 1) It took twice as long as it should've to get to the exit off the highway — I got my first tiny taste (M says it's usually much, much worse) of what westbound I-70 traffic is like in the winter time and I have to say, I'm not fond of it. 2) Then we missed the turn-off for the trailhead and ended up going about 12 miles out of our way before we figured out we'd gone too far. We finally made it though and the 4-mile walk we did in the snow and sunshine was well worth the trouble it took.

The sun felt good on my face and there was enough of an incline to get the sluggish winter blood pumping.


dylan said...

Jones pass is part of one of my favorite sections of the continental divide. In July 2007:


LSL said...

Seriously? Temps above 10* are something to write home about? If you can handle that, you were born to live there.

Beautiful pics.