climbing bliss

One of the advantages to living in a place that is so close to the sun is that you get to go climbing. Outside. In the winter. Because 55º in the sunshine can feel really warm. Or at least warm enough to play around on some rock. And, yesterday that's exactly what I did. I met up with Kate and Mark, Doug and Liz and their friends, David and Jess for a really awesome day outside at North Table Mountain near Golden.

I haven't been climbing all that much since I moved to Denver. Mainly because I don't know anyone down here who likes to do said activity, but also because it seems a little more difficult to get to than it did in Fort Collins. I'm not really sure why that is either, because the reality is, there's a lot more options that are just as close by, or closer even. I think what it really is, is that I'm a chickenshit—I'm nervous to climb in front of new people. The group of people I climbed with in FtC was really laid back about it and I feel (maybe erroneously) that that's not the norm in the climbing community. And I'm afraid I would hook up with the hard core 'bras' who want to go at everything hard and don't consider it a good day unless they break an arm or something.

At any rate, for some reason, yesterday I felt really good climbing. Normally my head gets in the way and I have to struggle to get up even the simplest of routes, but yesterday I had one of those days where everything just flowed. Granted I took the easier options on two of the harder routes I tried yesterday, but still. I didn't have to hang, I made it to the anchors without falling and I climbed all three without any beta. It felt good. And I felt pleasantly wiped out when I got home last night. Instead of burned out. And, most of all, it felt great to climb with people who aren't out to shatter any records, who just wanted to have some fun in some winter sun.

I need more days like that.

* That's not me, that's Mark on 'The M Route' 5.9.


dylan said...

Nice! I'd rather have that moment of flow than to climb a grade harder any day. Hope you find some partners who feel the same - you can always just ask them before you go out...

LSL said...

It sounds like such a nice day. The only thing I can relate to it is when I'm dreading a run and then it all just lines up and feels great. I love that.

Also - that picture almost gives me the barfies. That is some serious height.

d said...

dylan: that would make it way too easy. and as you know i like to make things difficult.

lsl: i think it equates more to that feeling you had when you popped up on your surfboard for the first time and stayed on for more than a second. where the balance of everything feels right—your confidence level is high and your head doesn't cripple your skills.

オテモヤン said...