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Social Studies is a fairly-newly-formed pop outfit from San Francisco who are getting ready to tour on their newest album, Wind-up Wooden Heart.

From their site:
Social Studies tempers the Fiery Furnaces with a love of unadulterated pop songwriting and arms the Decemberists with Casiotones instead of accordions, dropping pop gems that aren’t afraid to be raw and gentle all at the same time.
Honestly, the Fiery Furnaces reference almost made me turn away without even listening as they're quite possibly the most overrated indie pop band of The Oughts, but since I love The Decemberists, I decided to go ahead and give Social Studies a chance. I'm pretty happy I did, they had me tapping my thumb on my steering wheel the entire drive back from Boulder yesterday. Mostly, I would agree with their synopsis of their sound, but throw Rilo Kiley in there also for themes and style of singing.

They're offering up 'The Hourglass', a 'double' off of their new album, as a free download.
“The Hourglass” shows Social Studies maturing, turning more personal and insightful. It is an anthem for the modern world, encouraging you to grab hold of your neighbor’s hand, jump up and down, and let life wash over you.
You can download 'The Hourglass' from their site here.

Or just wait for the album to come out. Whichever.

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