bird day weekend ought nine

This year, instead of going to Chicago like I have the past few years, I decided to go down and see A and D in Santa Fe. A little over a year ago, D decided that he wanted to try a vegan lifestyle. Despite all of the constant ribbing from his friends, he's stuck with it and claims that he feels better and actually likes the food choices. All of this to say, I was nervous about what Thanksgiving would mean with a vegan in the mix. And, I have to say, it wasn't that bad, and, in fact, I hate to say it, but the food was pretty good. It did help that A grilled up some turkey legs for us so we wouldn't be completely without some dead flesh to munch on.

On Friday we got some climbing in near The Gallows (the place we went the last time I went down) which is on the banks of The Rio Grande. Which is pretty fricking cool.

To top off the long weekend, a bunch of us went to see The Swell Season last night. What a great show. They played for almost three hours, so it definitely made the high ticket price more than worth it. Lots of energy and good chemistry between the two lead singers, despite their personal turmoil, and Glen Hansard clearly enjoys what he does for a living. He's one of those performers that likes to talk a lot between songs and give little anecdotes about where the songs come from. In my experience, this is kind of a crap shoot—some artists are great story tellers and some can't talk their way out of a parking ticket given to them by their grandma. Luckily, Mr Hansard is one of the good ones. Most possibly, the greatest part of the night was the audience. Which was made up mostly of older people and since it was a school night...the crowd thinned out before the show was even two-thirds done. Plus, there weren't as many d-bags as there normally are at most live shows, so no beer was dumped on me, I didn't have to suffer through anyone making out through the whole thing and nobody flailed their limbs around obnoxiously to every single song despite the tempo. Which all adds up to a whole lot of awesome.

I highly recommend both of their albums if you don't have them.


LSL said...

Glad you had a good turkey day, and thanks for talking about the show. Guess what? You're approaching middle age. I can tell. It's ok, I need company.

dylan said...

Even the company wasn't too bad! :D