bergen peak

Yesterday was quite possibly the last nice day we will see here in Colorado for awhile, so M and I decided to take advantage and go for a hike.

We got a late start so we chose something not very strenuous and somewhat close by - Bergen Peak in the Jefferson County Open Space right outside of Evergreen. Which is about a 30 minute drive from Denver.

It was a nice walk in the woods. We ran into quite a bit of snow and mud, but other than that it was really enjoyable. Mostly shady without too many steep climbs, even though the guide book said we'd gain 1500'. It didn't feel too bad. We passed four different people running up the damn thing too, so that probably says a lot about how difficult of a hike it is. Just goes to show that no matter how 'active' you think you are, there's always someone out there to put you in your place.

I didn't have my camera with, and my iPhone wasn't really up to the task, but hopefully you can kind of get an idea of the really nice views from this pretty terrible photo.

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