the ides of october

I just looked at my archive and realized that I've only posted once this month. And the month's almost half gone. I've been neglectful I guess. Mostly because I've been really busy, but with pretty boring things, so there hasn't been much to talk about.

on work:
I got a couple of new clients, a financial group up in Fort Collins and a water bottle company in Boulder, and did a tiny little project for another possible new client based out of Vancouver, so all of that plus my regular clients added up to me having a lot of work this month. Which made me feel like it was ok to buy a new pair of jeans the other day.

on exercising:
I've been taking this Boot Camp class three times a week instead of lifting weights and at first I didn't think it was really doing anything, but this week I've had to move my belt down a notch in order to keep my pants on, so I guess something is going on and I don't think it's just because my butt has become more non-existent than it was before. I've still been getting in some bouldering at the gym too and the occasional long run here and there, so I haven't completely become one of those group class zombies you meet in the suburbs.

on having a personal life:
All I'll say is that dating is kind of expensive, but it's nice to not spend your whole life watching a bunch of television.

Basketball season officially starts (for me) on Friday with Late Night. It's really the only reason to get excited about October (for me), so I'm very much looking forward to it. Now something else can fill my time besides comic books and masturbation (not at the same time).

Although I have been getting into football this year, both college and professional. I have to admit, it feels kind of weird to like this pretty pointless activity. But, both of 'my' teams are 5 and 0, and that makes it pretty exciting.

So, that's it really. Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving.

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LSL said...

Nice, clean new look.

I also have no butt, none at all. But my belt isn't getting any smaller. It's just genetic. No butt. :(

The best thing I can say about dating as a straight girl is that sometimes it's free. But I'm glad you're having a little fun. Is that related to not being able to keep your pants on?

I hope you're masturbating enough!

I like it a lot when you post.