i have been doing stuff

• A couple of weekends ago, A and D came into town for the ostensible purpose of seeing some Russian chick play some Russian compositions with The Denver Symphony, but they managed to work in some time to go climbing out at Table Mountain in Golden. I slept in and joined them and K and M (who came up from the Springs for the day) around lunchtime. I had a really shitty climbing day, but as D says, 'Even a bad day climbing can still be a pretty good day.' Once again, I failed to take my camera, but K has a pretty good write-up and some pictures over on her corner of the bunny.

• I missed Wednesday's Boot Camp class because it was snowing and even I have to draw the line somewhere, so I ended up going on Thursday and Friday and decided that two days in a row is completely untenable. I'm still exhausted and I didn't exercise at all yesterday or today.

• D and A were still in town this past weekend, so on Saturday we went hiking. We ambled around in the White Ranch Open Space outside of Golden for a few hours and, after we were done, learned we went 6 miles. Pretty good considering none of us really felt like doing it before we began.

• P and D had their annual Pumpkin Carving Party on Saturday. I took M along which I was kind of nervous about, since my Fort Collins friends can be weird about such things. Thankfully, no one spazzed out and I'm fairly certain good impressions were made all around.

• Last night I met M's parents. Friend N is pretty freaked out about it too, since '[I] don't do things like meet the parents.' And she's right, it has been a really long time since I've had to endure such a thing. I also accidentally took a couple of sleeping pills instead of aspirin beforehand, so there was lots of opportunity for things to go seriously awry. Fortunately, dinner was short and my tendencies toward insomnia are stronger than OTC sleepy time and I made it home before I could fall face down in M's mom's homemade meal. Which was delicious by the way. And, M is still talking to me, so apparently the drugs didn't cause me to say or do anything too asinine.

Feel all caught up? I do.


Mrs. C. said...

Add friend A to the freaked out about the 'rents list. And how in HELL did you manage to take sleeping pills instead of aspirin, DORK??

Michael5000 said...

Your friends have really short names.

d said...

@mrs c: chalk it up to nervousness, not paying attention and two bottles of generic medicine that look the same.

@m5k: thankfully. it makes for less typing.

LSL said...

1. So strange to see another pic of you (besides a beard one a long time ago.) My friend, you exist in 3-D. Very strange. And you have hair! Even stranger.

2. Jesus, you are active.

3. Wow, M is meeting your friends, you are meeting M's parents, I am freaking out about this!

4. I can't BELIEVE you mixed up those pills. Let's all be thankful you don't have a career in medicine. That could have really put a damper on the time with the folks, no? Christ. Please don't do that again.

5. Michael5000 is funny.

6. I'm happy for you about all that M stuff.

d said...

re 1. i DO exist in 3-d. one of these days i bet you'll get to witness it firsthand.

re 4. i just hope i didn't seem any weirder than i already am.

re 6. thank you, i'm pretty alright with it too.