away we go

I don't care that none of the critics really cared for this movie, I thought it was pretty great. It was funny and poignant, the writing was good and the acting was pretty spot on. It was directed by the guy who did American Beauty and written by Dave Eggers and his wife, so there's no way it could be terrible. Despite what the critics say. Maybe their expectations were just too high?

Plot: A couple, that is expecting a baby in about three months, find that they will suddenly have no family nearby, and, terrified that they might be 'fuck ups' they set off in search of a better place to live and a strong desire to right themselves before they become responsible for another human being. Along the way they learn how not to be parents by seeing the pretty outlandish and glorious 'fuck-ups' that comprise their friends and family.

Probably its biggest detriment is that, at times, it's maybe a little overly sweet. But just as it starts to become too saccharine, something hilarious happens to keep your teeth from hurting too much. It has a pretty predictable ending also, but by the time it comes you're rooting so hard for the main characters that you don't really want it to end any other way. Or at least, that's how I felt.

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LSL said...

I thought it tried a tiny bit too hard sometimes, but I liked this movie. I thought it was sweet in good ways, and I want to believe love like that exists!