away we go

I don't care that none of the critics really cared for this movie, I thought it was pretty great. It was funny and poignant, the writing was good and the acting was pretty spot on. It was directed by the guy who did American Beauty and written by Dave Eggers and his wife, so there's no way it could be terrible. Despite what the critics say. Maybe their expectations were just too high?

Plot: A couple, that is expecting a baby in about three months, find that they will suddenly have no family nearby, and, terrified that they might be 'fuck ups' they set off in search of a better place to live and a strong desire to right themselves before they become responsible for another human being. Along the way they learn how not to be parents by seeing the pretty outlandish and glorious 'fuck-ups' that comprise their friends and family.

Probably its biggest detriment is that, at times, it's maybe a little overly sweet. But just as it starts to become too saccharine, something hilarious happens to keep your teeth from hurting too much. It has a pretty predictable ending also, but by the time it comes you're rooting so hard for the main characters that you don't really want it to end any other way. Or at least, that's how I felt.


i have been doing stuff

• A couple of weekends ago, A and D came into town for the ostensible purpose of seeing some Russian chick play some Russian compositions with The Denver Symphony, but they managed to work in some time to go climbing out at Table Mountain in Golden. I slept in and joined them and K and M (who came up from the Springs for the day) around lunchtime. I had a really shitty climbing day, but as D says, 'Even a bad day climbing can still be a pretty good day.' Once again, I failed to take my camera, but K has a pretty good write-up and some pictures over on her corner of the bunny.

• I missed Wednesday's Boot Camp class because it was snowing and even I have to draw the line somewhere, so I ended up going on Thursday and Friday and decided that two days in a row is completely untenable. I'm still exhausted and I didn't exercise at all yesterday or today.

• D and A were still in town this past weekend, so on Saturday we went hiking. We ambled around in the White Ranch Open Space outside of Golden for a few hours and, after we were done, learned we went 6 miles. Pretty good considering none of us really felt like doing it before we began.

• P and D had their annual Pumpkin Carving Party on Saturday. I took M along which I was kind of nervous about, since my Fort Collins friends can be weird about such things. Thankfully, no one spazzed out and I'm fairly certain good impressions were made all around.

• Last night I met M's parents. Friend N is pretty freaked out about it too, since '[I] don't do things like meet the parents.' And she's right, it has been a really long time since I've had to endure such a thing. I also accidentally took a couple of sleeping pills instead of aspirin beforehand, so there was lots of opportunity for things to go seriously awry. Fortunately, dinner was short and my tendencies toward insomnia are stronger than OTC sleepy time and I made it home before I could fall face down in M's mom's homemade meal. Which was delicious by the way. And, M is still talking to me, so apparently the drugs didn't cause me to say or do anything too asinine.

Feel all caught up? I do.


the ides of october

I just looked at my archive and realized that I've only posted once this month. And the month's almost half gone. I've been neglectful I guess. Mostly because I've been really busy, but with pretty boring things, so there hasn't been much to talk about.

on work:
I got a couple of new clients, a financial group up in Fort Collins and a water bottle company in Boulder, and did a tiny little project for another possible new client based out of Vancouver, so all of that plus my regular clients added up to me having a lot of work this month. Which made me feel like it was ok to buy a new pair of jeans the other day.

on exercising:
I've been taking this Boot Camp class three times a week instead of lifting weights and at first I didn't think it was really doing anything, but this week I've had to move my belt down a notch in order to keep my pants on, so I guess something is going on and I don't think it's just because my butt has become more non-existent than it was before. I've still been getting in some bouldering at the gym too and the occasional long run here and there, so I haven't completely become one of those group class zombies you meet in the suburbs.

on having a personal life:
All I'll say is that dating is kind of expensive, but it's nice to not spend your whole life watching a bunch of television.

Basketball season officially starts (for me) on Friday with Late Night. It's really the only reason to get excited about October (for me), so I'm very much looking forward to it. Now something else can fill my time besides comic books and masturbation (not at the same time).

Although I have been getting into football this year, both college and professional. I have to admit, it feels kind of weird to like this pretty pointless activity. But, both of 'my' teams are 5 and 0, and that makes it pretty exciting.

So, that's it really. Hope everyone has a nice Thanksgiving.


volcano choir's unmap

Warning: This album is not user friendly. Unless you like strange falsetto warbling, whole minutes gone by without a single vocal, whole songs gone by with many different vocal utterances (none of which are actual words) and lots and lots of odd noises.

However. If you are looking for something that's out of the ordinary or something that doesn't sound like every other album out there or if you are as in love with Justin Vernon, of Bon Iver, as I am, then you're in luck.

Husks And Shells - Volcano Choir