the last summer weekend

I was sorely remiss this summer. I did not go climbing outside even once. I had a good excuse for June and July - moving and a long vacation, but for August I think the only thing I can say is I was lazy. So when Doug invited me to go up to Vedauwoo this weekend, I sighed heavily and packed up my gear.

Seems the climbing gods were kind of pissed at me though, as the weather was pretty cold and cloudy and we had to compete for routes with both the Colorado Mountain College and the Boy Scouts. So, I only got a couple of routes in.

None of us took a camera either, so you'll just have to imagine it all for yourself.


dylan said...

Vedauwoo cold and cloudy? I just can't imagine it. Maybe with some snow...

LSL said...

I didn't know there were climbing gods, but I'm quite familiar with the surfing gods, so I can relate to this.

And I can't quite picture you as lazy. Whatev.