labor(less) day

To honor the proletariat all across the world. M and I headed up close by Mt. Audubon in Indian Peaks Wilderness. It's one of the 13-footers, so up towards the top it got a little hard to breathe. The trail was a little crowded, but not nearly as badly as one of the close-by 14-footers I'm sure. Which is sort of why we chose it. The views were still pretty breathtaking and the annoyance factor was pretty low.

Of course I forgot to put sunblock on my legs so now I look like a lobster from the knees down.


dylan said...

I love the Indian Peaks, especially in September. Have the aspen started turning yet?

d said...

yes! i forgot to mention that. it surprised me. it's hard to believe that summer is over and fall is here.

LSL said...

The difference between you and me: you call hiking up a mountain "labor-less."

Also, you're a HUGE music snob.

d said...

yeah. i am. it's one of my more endearing qualities.