hush arbors release yankee reality

Musicwise, not much has been keeping my attention these days. I liked the new-to-me-but-really-old J Tillman album I downloaded last month. And the new Cave Singers effort was pretty great, but really, not much else has been able to even muster up a 'Oh. That's ok. I can listen to that.' in a good long while.

However, I may have just landed on a diamond in the middle of a pile of dog turds. Generally, I find that free music downloads sent out by labels aren't really worth the effort of hitting, 'Save file to' so most of the time, if I haven't heard of the band, I don't bother. The other day though, I got an email from Terrorbird with a promo download of an entire album. Which, thinking I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to actually check out. I mean, free is free and an entire album? Can't pass it up.

I am pretty glad I did. Hush Arbors' latest effort, Yankee Reality is kicking some a all over my living room. He has a type of voice that I generally don't like and all in all he makes music that normally I probably wouldn't listen to, but it seems like that may be a good thing as it may get me out of my rut. Maybe I just needed to explore some boundaries or something?

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about him.

The new album comes out on Oct 6th.

Sun Shall - Hush Arbors

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