hush arbors release yankee reality

Musicwise, not much has been keeping my attention these days. I liked the new-to-me-but-really-old J Tillman album I downloaded last month. And the new Cave Singers effort was pretty great, but really, not much else has been able to even muster up a 'Oh. That's ok. I can listen to that.' in a good long while.

However, I may have just landed on a diamond in the middle of a pile of dog turds. Generally, I find that free music downloads sent out by labels aren't really worth the effort of hitting, 'Save file to' so most of the time, if I haven't heard of the band, I don't bother. The other day though, I got an email from Terrorbird with a promo download of an entire album. Which, thinking I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, I decided to actually check out. I mean, free is free and an entire album? Can't pass it up.

I am pretty glad I did. Hush Arbors' latest effort, Yankee Reality is kicking some a all over my living room. He has a type of voice that I generally don't like and all in all he makes music that normally I probably wouldn't listen to, but it seems like that may be a good thing as it may get me out of my rut. Maybe I just needed to explore some boundaries or something?

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about him.

The new album comes out on Oct 6th.

Sun Shall - Hush Arbors


fall is here

M and R and I drove up to Kenosha Pass today (along with 5,000 other people) to look at the aspens shed their casual, summer clothes and put on their fall splendor. It was purty. And we got in a 5-mile hike. Which we nullified with hot dogs and cheeseburgers and french fries and R made a couple of new girlfriends in the line at a restaurant called Coney Island Dogs.


the last summer weekend

I was sorely remiss this summer. I did not go climbing outside even once. I had a good excuse for June and July - moving and a long vacation, but for August I think the only thing I can say is I was lazy. So when Doug invited me to go up to Vedauwoo this weekend, I sighed heavily and packed up my gear.

Seems the climbing gods were kind of pissed at me though, as the weather was pretty cold and cloudy and we had to compete for routes with both the Colorado Mountain College and the Boy Scouts. So, I only got a couple of routes in.

None of us took a camera either, so you'll just have to imagine it all for yourself.


even punks fall in love

I just finished a new painting. In a completely different style than I've been working in recently. I'm not sure it entirely works. It's kind of hard to see it exactly from these crappy pictures, but critique and comments welcome.

labor(less) day

To honor the proletariat all across the world. M and I headed up close by Mt. Audubon in Indian Peaks Wilderness. It's one of the 13-footers, so up towards the top it got a little hard to breathe. The trail was a little crowded, but not nearly as badly as one of the close-by 14-footers I'm sure. Which is sort of why we chose it. The views were still pretty breathtaking and the annoyance factor was pretty low.

Of course I forgot to put sunblock on my legs so now I look like a lobster from the knees down.