another thing to check off the list

I had my first bike wreck in Denver yesterday. Because I am a klutzy moron and tried to go up over a curb that I didn't know was a curb. It's a long story. Anyway, I didn't get too banged up:

Just one pretty good scrape on my elbow, one on my hand, one on my shoulder and my left leg is a giant bruise from hip to knee. All in all I feel pretty lucky. Trust me, it could've been much, much worse.

Luckily, it was Sunday and there weren't too many people out, so I avoided getting run over in the process of looking like a retard who doesn't know how to ride a bike.

And, yes, Mom, I was wearing my helmet.

The big question of the day is this: I'm almost 39 years old, when do I get to stop wrecking on my bike?


DougieB said...

ok, but, did you hurt the bike?

Mrs. C. said...

A curb that you didn't know was a curb. I know you said it's a long story, but I tell it. Whaa? I'm sorry you fell down though! And I'm glad you didn't get hit by a car!!!!! And you're almost 39? Really? I didn't know you were so old. Do you think this should be several comments instead of one?

d said...

douglas: the bike is totally fine. man. that thing is a workhorse.

ann: you really had to be there to understand it. but i'll try. i turned a corner onto some light rail tracks that sloped up from the intersection, so i moved off of the tracks, then saw a diamond on a lane on the other side of the tracks, figured i needed to be over there and hit the curb that was now there.

so, at the intersection-no curb. so when i moved off the tracks i didn't bump down. and then when i tried to move back on, all of the sudden there was a curb resulting in wreckage.

p.s. i think you should stop talking about how old i am.

Michael5000 said...

I'm especially glad you didn't get hit by a train. Because, you know how they call it "light" rail? That's kind of misleading. It's actually fairly heavy, compared to a dude on a bike.

I haven't had a good wipeout in 15 years, but that probably just means I have a truly heinous one in my near future.