things i learned along the way

1) Today I didn't have a ton of work to do, so I decided to walk downtown to do two things: buy an iPhone (ohmygodi'msoexcited) and get a library card. It took less time to get there than I thought it would, which was awesome because now I know that I can easily walk downtown if I want to—I don't have to automatically get on my bike.

2) I always think of Denver as not being a real city. I think of it as being a gathering of people who wanted to be close to the mountains, but not have the troubles of living in The Bumps. So it always surprises me when I see things in Denver that you would find in nearly any big city. Things like shoeshine stands, convenience stores that don't have gas pumps and people who've clearly never gone on a hike a day in their lives.

3) I have officially learned this lesson: always, always, always check online first. I stopped in at the library on my way back (whoa! the downtown branch is HUGE!) and discovered that I needed a driver's license and some piece of mail with my address on it in order to get a card. So, no library card for d today. Sad can't check out any free books or music face.

4) This morning I ran down to the really large park that's about 7 blocks away to run some laps around it and then come back. This was my second time doing this. Both times I say good morning to everyone I pass both coming and going. I'm pretty sure people think I'm weird 'cause I only get a couple of responses back. Most people just ignore me. But in FtC nearly everyone would say, 'Hi,' or 'Good morning,' in return. Sometimes they'd even say it first. I've been in big cities enough in my life to know that most people exist within their urban bubbles, but I'm sorry, I don't want to live that way. So, I'm going to keep saying 'hi' and 'good morning' to folks and they can just deal.


Big Daddy said...

Downtown is why I don't own a car. Everything is walkable or accessible by public transit. You living in Capital Hill?

Rebel said...

LOL... you go on with your bad self sayin' "hello" to random people on the street.

Who's the rebel now? =P

d said...

bd: i am living in cap hill. are you?

reb: i know. this morning i didn't though. i've already failed. i just didn't have the energy for the rejection. i'll try again tomorrow.

Big Daddy said...

Yup. By 8th and Sherman.