one positive, one negative

Last night I met a friend at The Hi-Dive on Broadway to see the makers of my favorite album last year, The Rural Alberta Advantage. I decided I wanted to walk down there just so I could see more of my 'hood, he thought this was crazy and told me he was going to drive. But it was not crazy. I learned about a lot of things that are located on Broadway. Things that I'd heard tell of, but didn't know where they were. Things like The Mayan—an independent movie theater that everyone raves about. They're currently playing a movie I really want to see also, Moon, so it appears that I'll be walking back down that way in the near future. If it's still there when I get back from vacation. Anyway, The RAA had two opening bands, Sandusky and some really, truly terrible emo/punk band who deserve to have their fingers chopped off for the really awful lyrics they write:
I am the wind / separating on your skin
I complained loudly and often during their set.

Then the RAA came out and all was forgotten. The show was awesome. They are one of those bands who, live, sound exactly like they do recorded. Only better. Richer. More tingly-inducing. Or something. As they only have one album out, their set was pretty short, but for only $10 it felt like a pretty good deal. If you don't have it yet, you really should get their debut, Hometowns. It originally released in 2008, but then in June they signed to Saddle Creek, so it got re-released this month. They're from Alberta, Canada and thanked us for coming out to see them between every song. I still can't believe that I live so close to so many cool things to do.

Today, I went out to my car to throw my camping stuff in the trunk because I'm headed out on the Great American Road Trip tomorrow (Montana > Chicago > Kansas City > Anderson, Mo > Denver) and saw a ticket on my car. This after getting two tickets last week for being in the way of the street sweeper. At first I got all indignant because I'd paid attention to the street sweeping signs this time. I opened up the ticket to see what the violation was and it said, 'missing front license plate.' I thought, 'What the hell?...' and went and looked. Sure enough it's gone. So I filed a police report online and have no idea what happens now. Plus, I'm going to be gone for two weeks. Hopefully, I won't get stopped by every cop in America before I get back to town and can deal with it. Who steals only one license plate? What good will it possibly do them?


Kate T-C said...

Oh, poor Sean. I agree, it seems silly to only steal on license plate, especially the one that doesn't have any stickers on it...? Aren't the stickers the important part?

Anyway, I doubt you'll have too much trouble on the road. Most states only do one license plate anyway. Nobody in Montana is going to be like "Hey, in Colorado, they require TWO plates! Let's pull this guy over!" :)

Michael5000 said...

Great American Road Trip? RIGHT ON!!! Happy travels, bro.