…jiggity, jig

I have done a piss-poor job of updating this with travel news. So this will be a brief recap. Mostly because I really don't feel like typing all that much. The Chicago leg of the trip was full of booze and beef and bars and (art). On Friday we hung out in Millenium Park, saw the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute (It was so fricking cool. They have so many great pieces in their collection and the traveling exhibit they currently have on display—Cy Twombley—is one of the best things I've ever put my eyeballs on.) and then got to see what I imagine will be the best show I see all year at a venerable institution in the indie music hipster scene—The Wrens at Schuba's. There's not a bad place to stand in the whole venue. It's so tiny, I imagine you feel like you're pretty much right up there on stage with the band no matter where you are, but we were pretty close.

On Saturday we slept in, walked around Andersonville and generally just hung out. Then T and I left and headed south to Kansas City. I've never driven through Iowa before and I have to say that there's some purty country. And they have really fancy rest stops. Man, I really miss the prairie. Especially the skies. I mean, just look at that.

At home, we played a lot of Scrabble and got in some walks, some runs and one very bug-infested hike. Now, it's time to head back to Denver. I think I'm mostly ready to go back. I think. I've really enjoyed my time with my folks, and I certainly wouldn't mind just staying here for a good long while (until they got sick of me and kicked me out), but I guess I need to get back to reality. I do have quite a few projects waiting for me upon my return, plus a brand new city to explore.

I'll get the rest of the pics up on Flickr soonish. I don't have enough want to right now.

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