jesus saves, i spend*

I really do enjoy driving through this great country of ours, especially if I'm seeing new things. Even if just in passing on the highway. But. I'm happy to be out of the car for a few days.

Every time I come to Chicago, to see my friend T, we walk through downtown Andersonville and I take a picture of this sign.

This particular trip to Chicago will be mostly just hanging out I think and not doing too much touristy stuff. Which is totally fine with me. I've done most of it before.

Oh and I went for a run this morning and discovered that what they say about running at sea level after spending a long time 'training' in the mountains is totally true. I felt like I was going pretty slowly, but if the RunTracker app on my iPhone is to be believed, I ran 6.31 miles in 32:06. Which is completely ridiculous. And totally awesome.

*completely, unabashedly stolen from St. Vincent.


LSL said...

Dude, I can't find RunTracker. Is it called something else?

Michael5000 said...

You ran six and a half miles in a half hour? OK, the ass-kicking is off. I can't compete. Shit.

d said...

well, i can't really believe it's true. i think the app is inaccurate or something. maybe it lies to keep you motivated? i mean, i can run 6.5 min/miles but only if i'm feeling really, really good. and if this thing is right, that would mean that i ran under 6 min/miles which is just too ridiculous to be believed. i'll test it out again when i get home and see if it's anywhere near accurate.