i've been a busy bee

Thursday: I met a somewhat new friend for dinner at a vegetarian restaurant in my new 'hood. Despite my attempts to limit the amount of carbs I stuff into my body, I decided to have this really good pasta with portabella mushrooms and broccoli on top. I swear it tasted like it had bacon in it. So, either they're lying about being vegetarian or they've discovered a way to make tofu taste like bacon. If the latter is the case, I will buy tofu by the boatload.

Friday: Another dinner out with another brand-new friend. And a complete opposite restaurant in all regards. Deep fried Polish food soaked in butter and all sorts of sauce and then deep fried again. I think. I ran a lot on Saturday.

Saturday: A third old friend invited me to go to a different library branch than the main one. Weirdly it is only a few blocks from the main branch, so I'm not sure who decided they needed another one right there, but oh well. So, I am now the proud owner of a Denver Library card. Oh the power. I did come out of there with 7 cds, so that's pretty awesome.

Then some friends from FtC came down and we went to something that I've been waiting for for a very long time: Bon Iver live. All I will say is it was magical and awesome and I am extremely happy that I got the opportunity to see him perform. I was so enamored that not only did I not mind the group singalong at the end (which I normally abhor), but I almost even enjoyed it. One of the reasons that I chose this neighborhood in particular when looking for a new home is that it's fairly close (within walking or biking) distance to a ton of live music venues that all play music I like to listen to. So this will hopefully only be the start of a lot of great shows.

Sunday: On Friday I had to break up with expensive gym lady. I don't think she was all that pleased, but I say, 'Suck it expensive gym lady. Your shit is too pricey for not very much in return.' So today I went and checked out the local Y. Better. But still more than what I want to pay for a gym membership. I may just have to suck it up and deal.

This week's urban lesson. Always carry a bag with you, with the following items in it: a rain jacket, a hat, a bottle of water, your wallet, phone, keys and iPod, a book, a map and maybe if you remember to go buy one, an umbrella.

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Sounds like somebody needs a murse.