it's been a rollercoaster

One morning I'll wake up and think this is the best thing since automatic hand towel dispensers were imagined by whatever genius had that idea, the next day I'll wake up and think this was possibly the worst decision I've ever made, including that time I bought orange pants.

I've got all my stuff here. Most of it is unpacked. I still need to hang pictures. And find the bolts that attach the headboard to the bed frame. I got rid of a lot of stuff before I moved, but seeing it all in this little space makes me think I need to get rid of more.

I found the grocery store on Tuesday and still need to find a coffee shop, a pharmacy and a gym. I saw several homeless people on my run this morning, but even in a big city it was possible for me to run in the street (I hate running on the sidewalk) without any fear of getting run over. It was 5.30 in the morning, but I still expected a lot of people to be out and about.

I feel a little like I'm back in college, living in the dorm again. But that's not entirely a bad feeling. I've also decided that I need to think of this new domicile as less of a home and more of a home base. Even though a very, very small part of me feels like I took a step backward, I really like not being a home owner. Life feels freer and more simple. Plus, I really like not having to mow the lawn. God how I hated that chore.


LSL said...

I love chchchchanges, and I hope most days are the first kind of wake up day. Plus, post more. I'm so glad to be hearing about your decision and your new chapter. Finally, no more orange pants. Never. Ever. Don't make me say it again.

Word verification: emstster. It sounds like a furry pet that might be a good roommate.

Michael5000 said...

Congrats on the chchchanges. We spent the day before yesterday slouching around Denver. It grew on me a little. Hope you're diggin' it.