i'm in missoula

So, Thursday morning I woke up and decided to go try and fix the whole license plate situation. Mostly because the police officer I spoke with the night before scared me about officers 'approaching me at gunpoint' if I happened to get pulled over. Another reason to love Denver, I got that shit done in 10 minutes and for only $5.50. That's pretty sweet. I was imagining 5 hrs and about 5 times that much.

At any rate, the upshot was I was able to leave on my trip at the time planned.

The only negative so far is that it took me 11 HOURS to get through Wyoming. There is something evil about Wyoming that I can't put my finger on. Some really negative energy or something that causes mayhem and misdeeds every time I try to get through it. Thankfully, it was all washed away once I hit the beautiful state of Idaho and I made it to Missoula today in no time flat.

p.s. I know that I am an uber Apple® geek anyway, but I just want everyone to know that I absolutely love my iPhone. Like love, love it. For someone as obsessed with 'being in touch' as I am, it is the perfect gadget. This morning, I answered email and checked Google Reader while I was eating breakfast. In a diner. That didn't have WiFi. AWESOME.

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