i will not be a shut-in

I rode my bike through downtown Denver today for the first time and didnotdie. So stop worrying, Mom. I'll be ok. I went the wrong way down several one-way streets, ran through some stop lights that I didn't notice because I was trying to look at the map in my hand and got honked at exactly once when I didn't even think I was doing anything wrong. BUT. I did not die.

I also met a friend for lunch today, stopped by my bank where I learned that I didn't need to transfer my accounts down here (which is kinda weird), and started a trial membership at a gym that is sooooooo not my speed. Machines instead of free weights, an attached spa for chrissakes and pilates classes. All for the low, low (high, high) price of $79/mo (!!!!!!!!!!!! - living in a city is more expensive than Bumpkinville). I did sit in the steam room though, which was pretty frickin' awesome.

The other task I accomplished today was doing laundry in the building's communal laundry room. What is proper etiquette here? Can I take up both of the washing machines and dryers at the same time? Or is that bad form? It did allow me to get my laundry done in an hour and a half though, which was pretty frickin' great. Plus, I got no nasty notes scrawled on my laundry basket and as far as I know, no one stole my underwear, so it didn't seem like I'd done anything too terrible.

Awesome things about Denver's tv channels? - FOUR Spanish channels. FOUR. Thatissoawesome. I love Spanish television.

So, see? I left the house today and survived. Tomorrow I might even go on a hike.


LSL said...

This post makes me happy, happpy, happppy! It's coming together.

Also, do you speak Spanish? Or do you like to do free-form interpretation of the shows?

d said...

i know enough spanish to ask for a beer or three and then subsequently the toilet and also the library, but that's it. so, yeah, mostly free form. it's all spanish science theater three thousand in my house.

Michael5000 said...

$79/month! Holy Crapping Charles Atlas!!! I'd want them to bring the machines TO MY HOUSE for that price!

d said...

and maybe make me breakfast when i was done working out.

Big Daddy said...

It's totally fine to use both machines at the same time.

I do it all the time.

Mrs. C. said...

Yay! Don't be shut in!!!! Laundromat: Always use all available washers/dryers to get everything done as quickly as possible. But never, never leave your stuff there when the washer/dryer stops. THAT'S unacceptable and makes people mad (and gives sickos a chance to sniff your underwear). I always set a timer.