god, that was a really good wknd

Saturday: A friend and I got up fairly early and drove to Boulder and then hiked up Mt Sanitas. Which isn't so much a 'Mount' really, but still a pretty steep climb. As, you can see from the pic, a thousand other people thought this might also be a good way to start off the day—which, unlike a lot of people out here, I don't mind at all. I think it's great to see the trails getting so much use as long as everyone is respectful both of Mama Nature and the other folks trying to enjoy her. Which most people out here seem to be.

I came back home and finished unpacking (mostly), took a little nap and then drove up to Ft C to see some friends and eat some grilled meat. It was a great night full of cheap beer, failed prank tricks involving the densest cake known to man and some kind of dangerous sparklers.

Oh. And some pretty great City Park fireworks courtesy of good ol' Ft C herself.

Today, instead of the Noah's Ark-level flooding rains predicted we got sunshine and cool temps so I decided to walk over to the grocery store (instead of drive) to see my neighborhood and also see if this particular way of hunting and gathering would be worth it in the future. Also, I got a really great parking spot right in front of my building last night and I'm gonna hold onto that baby as long as possible.

On my morning excursion I saw two men walking back from church holding hands (awesome), got attacked by not one, but two different pigeons (this is why birds freak me out people—they sense my fear and try to perpetuate the reasons for the phobia) and I swear that a man sitting outside the grocery store asked me, 'Would you like to find love today?' Luckily I had my headphones in and could pretend that I had not heard him.

The sum total of my city experience today was that I need to either quit drinking diet coke or get really, really strong. Because even though it only took me ten minutes to walk back from the store, that is still a long way to carry a 12-pack.

Today, right this second, I am so fucking happy I moved here and I am totally in love with my apartment, my neighborhood and my life. This could change at any minute, but for now I am just going to enjoy it.


LSL said...

I'm so damn happy for you I could puke. A few things:

1. Could you please push that blonde off the side of the mountain and get me that tall guy's number?

2. Birds are scary.

3. Did you answer that man? You never know, it could have been the Universe asking.

LSL said...

P.S. It's you, isn't it? You're cute as buttons. I could just pick you up, groom you, and take you home.

Michael5000 said...

It looks like at LEAST as much of a mount as Mount Oread.

d said...

@lsl: why do you say i need to be groomed?

@m5k: ha. yes. maybe more so.