those darlins / red light love

I've actually heard of/read about Those Darlins before on other music blogs that I read, I'd just never really tried all that hard to find one of their albums. They sounded like something I'd be ok with listening to—bluegrass-y/alternative country, but there's something about an all female band that just has never done a lot for me. I know this sounds really, really sexist, and it pretty much is, and I have no excuse, just that every other all-girl band that I've ever heard of was sort of douchey and pretentious and maybe tried to hard to prove things. e.g. 4 Non Blondes.

Anyway, I got this in my mailbox the other day and didn't really have time to give it a listen until this morning. And, honestly, I wasn't really that motivated to, but listen I finally did and I have to say, that it's actually pretty good. Sort of 50's Rockabilly if there is such a thing.

Apparently they're going on tour this summer also. And they're on facebook.

Red Light Love - Those Darlins

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