the start of something big

In the timeless activity of teenagers everywhere during every age, the four of them had been driving along that dark, dirt, country road late at night, or early in the morning (whichever way you thought of it). Outside it had been full of that kind of hovering, hungry dark that seems to fill up all the spaces and wants to molest anything possessed of light and life—to devour it. The feeble glow from the headlights strained to illuminate their way and they either uncomfortably avoided looking out the windows altogether or squinted to see what was not there. They had been laughing nervously about something stupid, the radio playing softly in the background when suddenly, surprisingly, there was a dark flutter of some flying thing, followed instantly by a loud thump. Instinctively, they all turned their heads to look out the back window, even Scott, who was driving, craned his head around just as he slammed on the brakes.
'Oh my god,' Katie whispered. 'You hit something.'
'What was that?'
'I think we hit a bird,' David, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, said. 'A fucking bird. Who hits a bird with their car? How does that fucking happen even?'
They sat in the stopped car for a bit, silent, wondering what to do next, reluctant to leave the soft dashboard glow which provided a small amount of comfort against the voracious night.
'Someone should go look.'
'I'm not going out there.'
'What good would it do? We can't do anything for it. Plus, it could be anywhere, how would we find it?'

Somehow a crazy idea spread slowly from one to the other that the hitting of the bird, the possible killing of this animal, portended something glorious. It was rare to kill a bird with a car. Not so much the furred ones, but the feathered beasts? It was unheard of. Surely it meant something shiny, right? Not something twisted and sinister. Regardless of how the darkness felt. Scott, laughing, pressed his foot down on the accelerator and they drove away from whatever possibilities were created there.

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LSL said...

I loved this. And I heard that loud thump.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for more . . .

Also - the illustration? Love.