those darlins / red light love

I've actually heard of/read about Those Darlins before on other music blogs that I read, I'd just never really tried all that hard to find one of their albums. They sounded like something I'd be ok with listening to—bluegrass-y/alternative country, but there's something about an all female band that just has never done a lot for me. I know this sounds really, really sexist, and it pretty much is, and I have no excuse, just that every other all-girl band that I've ever heard of was sort of douchey and pretentious and maybe tried to hard to prove things. e.g. 4 Non Blondes.

Anyway, I got this in my mailbox the other day and didn't really have time to give it a listen until this morning. And, honestly, I wasn't really that motivated to, but listen I finally did and I have to say, that it's actually pretty good. Sort of 50's Rockabilly if there is such a thing.

Apparently they're going on tour this summer also. And they're on facebook.

Red Light Love - Those Darlins


just call me benjamin button

Most people in life follow similar paths: get born > grow up > move out of parents' house > get married > buy house of their own > have kids > grow old > die. This happens because it's a fairly logical progression. For whatever reasons though, my life has not necessarily gone by The Plan. Honestly, I used to worry about this. A lot. And I still do to a certain extent: what am I missing out on? Why have I not sought out what is the normal way of getting things done? Will I die before seeing the pyramids? But mostly, I'm totally cool with it. I think things happen certain ways for a reason, and we usually don't learn the reason until much after the fact.

So, recently, when I finally decided that home ownership was just not for me, no matter how much I wanted it to be, and how much I felt like it was what I was Supposed To Do, I gave in and decided it was time to just sell the damn thing. About a month ago, some lucky couple snatched it up and I am finally going to be a freer man. And I've decided to move to the booming metropolis of Denver. For me, this is a big move. Despite one very brief stint, I've never lived in a city as big as Denver and frankly, I'm not a small amount of nervous about it. It has me thinking that once again I'm doing things backwards. Whereas most people move to large urban areas when they're young and full of energy and move to the suburbs when they're old and tired, I'm doing it the other way around. I've always been a late bloomer though and this is just another instance where I'm about twenty years late.

Part of me kind of wishes I could back out of it and just stay put, but the larger part knows that this will end up being a good thing. I'll have more access to work and hopefully a larger social circle to choose from. Plus, hopefully, I'll be able to save a lot of money and finally be able to travel to all of the places I've always wanted to see. Which are many and varied.

At any rate, regardless of what happens, I'm once again, packing up the moving truck and hitting the road. Wish me luck.


i'm officially a sheeple

Yeah. I'm on Twitter now, dammit. Sorry. It is pretty addictive though.


be a mother lover

Ad Camp (my business) has decided to start offering up t-shirt designs. We've partnered with Zoo City Apparel in Missoula, Montana who will handle the printing and shipping for us.

Go here to order yours.

patterson hood / murdering oscar

In what is a first for this here blog, a music rep emailed me an mp3* and suggested that I might want to post it and pimp it. Maybe she thinks I'm a music blog. What she doesn't realize is that almost no one reads it, so her effort was maybe wasted. Joke's on her I guess.

I neither hate nor love what she sent along, but for some reason I feel compelled to do as she requested and post the darn thing. For the sheer novelty of the experience I guess.

It's Patterson Hood's (of Drive By Truckers fame) latest solo effort. I have never been able to jump on the band wagon of the DBT's. Which is odd considering their music should be right up my alley. There's just something about them that doesn't sit right. Their voices? Their kind of not so good lyrics? I don't know but every time I hear one of their songs, I just think, 'Eh.'

I Understand Now - Patterson Hood

*If this is the start of a trend, maybe I'll become a music blog after all. What do you think?


the start of something big

In the timeless activity of teenagers everywhere during every age, the four of them had been driving along that dark, dirt, country road late at night, or early in the morning (whichever way you thought of it). Outside it had been full of that kind of hovering, hungry dark that seems to fill up all the spaces and wants to molest anything possessed of light and life—to devour it. The feeble glow from the headlights strained to illuminate their way and they either uncomfortably avoided looking out the windows altogether or squinted to see what was not there. They had been laughing nervously about something stupid, the radio playing softly in the background when suddenly, surprisingly, there was a dark flutter of some flying thing, followed instantly by a loud thump. Instinctively, they all turned their heads to look out the back window, even Scott, who was driving, craned his head around just as he slammed on the brakes.
'Oh my god,' Katie whispered. 'You hit something.'
'What was that?'
'I think we hit a bird,' David, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, said. 'A fucking bird. Who hits a bird with their car? How does that fucking happen even?'
They sat in the stopped car for a bit, silent, wondering what to do next, reluctant to leave the soft dashboard glow which provided a small amount of comfort against the voracious night.
'Someone should go look.'
'I'm not going out there.'
'What good would it do? We can't do anything for it. Plus, it could be anywhere, how would we find it?'

Somehow a crazy idea spread slowly from one to the other that the hitting of the bird, the possible killing of this animal, portended something glorious. It was rare to kill a bird with a car. Not so much the furred ones, but the feathered beasts? It was unheard of. Surely it meant something shiny, right? Not something twisted and sinister. Regardless of how the darkness felt. Scott, laughing, pressed his foot down on the accelerator and they drove away from whatever possibilities were created there.