sorry. i can't help myself.

I haven't talked much about basketball this year, because everyone got so sick of me talking about it last year, but we're now in the throes of March Madness and I have to say something.

After the first two days, my brackets are pretty hosed. This year, I filled out a 'head' bracket and a 'heart' bracket and apparently my heart was thinking more clearly than my head. But not enough to put me too high up in Doug's pool.

I do have one question though: what's with all the opera sleeves the players are wearing this year? Do they really help them shoot better? If so , how come everyone doesn't wear one?

I kind of hope Western Kentucky wins the whole thing.

I did manage to do something productive this weekend and retool my personal portfolio website. I've been meaning to do it for quite a while and I figured since all I was doing was sitting here watching bball games, I probably had time to do something useful. Check it out if you want. And if you know anyone who needs some graphic design help, feel free to point them my way. Thanks to all who gave me feedback along the way.

Mishap of the Day: I ran to the gym to boulder today so that I wouldn't miss too much basketball. I've been working on this Int+/Adv- problem that has a wicked heel hook into a one-armed pull-up that I haven't been successful at. Well, today I succeeded in completing the move but somehow managed to pull a muscle in my ass at the same time. Awesome.

Mishap of the Day/Pt 2: One of the calluses on my ring finger ripped off and now my finger is a raw, bloody painful mess.


LSL said...

Jeepers creepers. The website is so cool.

Also, for the first year I'm kinda into the whole March Madness thing. Can you believe it? I've been waiting for you to post about it.

Michael5000 said...

Slick site, dude! I like your logo. Now I think of you kind of as a superhero.

I want some tiny little college nobody has ever heard of to win the basketball tournament. Ideally a two-year college. That would satisfy my whole root-for-the-underdog complex.

d said...

lsl: now you tell me...

m5k: sadly your dream will not come true.

and, i am a superhero, didn't you know?