just call me tim the tool man

1. It took two tries and at one point I was practically wearing gloves made of caulk, but I managed to strip out old caulk and put in new caulk around the base of the toilet and nothing spews water when I flush it. Know what's one of the grossest things in the universe? What's underneath old toilet caulk.

2. I have steam heat. That comes through registers that are mounted on the walls near the floor. They've been looking kind of...run down ever since I moved in, but I was always afraid to do anything about it. And never really knew what to do. The other day I was at Home Depot getting supplies for No 1, and I discovered spray paint. It worked like a charm on the one register I've painted so far.

3. I bought bulk yeast the other day at the grocery store and tried to make a loaf of bread with it yesterday. Um. Bad idea apparently. The dough didn't rise. But I tried to bake a loaf with it anyway just to see what would happen. Inedible doughy brick of heaviness is what happened.

4. The door stopper for the front door came out of the wall about 20 years ago and nothing prompted me to do anything about it until I noticed that the front door knob as made a little dent in the trim around the closet door. So, I filled in the hole with wood putty and repainted and put in a new door stop.

5. Next up on the list: paint outside trim, remove last ugly planter from around front yard tree, paint pantry, paint back door and replace back door lock, sand and stain and varnish spots on the floor that have been scraped by furniture and dog toenails.

Anybody want to come help?


Rebel said...

1 - rock on with your home repair self! Do you want to come to Thailand to fix my sink?

2 - is it at all possible you bought bulk nutritional yeast? I don't think you can make bread with nutritional yeast - you just mix it into your food for... nutrition or something.

Get fleishmans in the jar with the yellow & red (I think) label. Also... if the water is too hot it will kill the yeast. Always check it first, put a little yeast in a bowl with luke warm water and a sprinkle of sugar, wait ten minutes, if it grows and looks bubbly, the yeast is active.

Michael5000 said...

Yeah, what she says. You just repeated my college mistake of baking with brewer's yeast, which is the dead residue of yeast that was used for fermentation. It's good on popcorn, but won't help you with the bread because it's, you know, dead. Don't do like me and try five or six times before you give up.