another long walk up a large bump

Friends Ann and Dylan came to town this weekend to finalize their transition to New Mexico. It was two days of fun, frivolity, Friendsgiving, and yesterday we got to go hiking. We went up the venerable Grey Rock. Much of the time was spent discussing the pros and cons of Facebook and Twitter, but we also enjoyed a nearly perfect day of sun, cool temps and (surprisingly) very little wind.

Mark, an aphorism is:
  1. A tersely phrased statement of a truth or opinion; an adage. See Synonyms at saying.
  2. A brief statement of a principle.
I was close, but of course I made it more complicated than it is. It's weird what comes up while you're walking up a large hill.
LinkI strained a tendon in my hip a few weeks ago while running and so I haven't been pursuing many cardio endeavors lately. I thought hiking might be ok since there's not too much pounding, but I forgot about coming down rocky terrain. It hurt pretty bad yesterday by the time we finished, but this morning, after about 2 million Advil®, it seems ok. Once again, getting old is for the birds.


LSL said...

Hey bulletproof, someone has rockin hair. I don't think that's you. Or someone named Dylan.

d said...

i guess i forgot to mention that doug, liz and mark and kate were on the hike also. and that would be liz in the pic.

and, yes, she does have really great hair. and does a fair job fixing split pants.