betty crocker ain't got sh*t on this brotha. yo.

This weekend I was Suzy Homemaker. I had one successful project and one that was an abject failure. Which would you like first the good news? Or the bad?

My front door is rather...splotchy on the outside. Ever since I moved in, I've been wanting to do something about it, so this weekend I decided it was time. I went to Home Depot and bought everything I thought I would need: sandpaper, stain, brush, varnish. I brought it all home and started with what I believed should be step one—sanding. And, I sanded. A lot. See? Here's evidence:

(For those of you not in the know, my hair is not blond.)

And then I stained and varnished and stained and varnished and I hate to say it, but I think it looks worse than before I attempted to do anything to it. It looks even splotchier. Maybe I didn't sand enough. It seems like the stain brought out more of the discolorations in the wood. I don't know. I've hit the brick wall in my knowledge of home improvement projects.

In other news, remember my attempt at baking bread a couple of weeks ago? And my dissatisfaction with how it wasn't quite right for sandwiches. Well, a few days ago, I had the bright idea of making smaller rolls with it so that I could use those for sandwiches OR snacking either one. And this is the result:

I haven't tried it out yet, but I think they will be perfect.


Rebel said...

Recipe please... or at least a description of what kind of rolls those are. They look like wheat, but maybe pumpernickle? Either way - they look super yummy.

Mark said...

My most recent attempt to bake in Colorado created "hamburger buns" which resembled and were perhaps functional as... baseballs.