look! we climbed outside! in february!

I thought the first climb I got on since I'd climbed last—which was August by the way, in Santa Fe, remember that?—was kinda not a lot of fun. Until I got about halfway up it and my body and my brain remembered why I like climbing so much.

Doug, Liz, Kate and Mark and I went down to Golden today to climb at North Table Mountain. It was a gorgeous day, especially for the beginning of February and it felt indescribably good to get outside on a rope again, after many, many days of bouldering inside on plastic rocks.

I tuckered out way quicker than I'd like to admit and I had to hang a couple of times because my arms pooped out, but still, it felt pretty great.

I did, Wholey Holy, 5.8, Pack O' Bobs, 5.7 and Pee on Dee, 5.8. Pee on Dee was by far my favorite of the day. A really great mix of crack and face and I made it all the way up it without falling or hanging. Which, in my book, makes it a successful route.

For the privileged few, pics are up on Flickr.

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Jeannette said...

Not that I dont love talking about rocks, but to change the subject...

I knew you would be the one of my five blog readers that wouldnt be on bored with the adsense thing. Too cool for school.

I am not above free money, and actually, if I ever make it to the $100 check I'm totally throwing a japanese-corn-pizza party and anyone who ever clicked is invited.