portraits of famous people, wk 1, bon iver

One of my goals this year is to draw a portrait of a famous person each week of the year. Originally, I thought I'd do one a day, but seeing as I'm already two weeks late with even doing one a week, I figured I'd better temper down my ambition a little.

Anyway, here's the first one of Ought Nine. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. I just downloaded his new EP yesterday and haven't been able to stop listening. Even though it's only four very short songs long.

I'm also putting them all up on my Flickr (yes, Dave, this time it's public). I put some of my favorites from last year in the set, just to round it out a bit. And give myself some cushion in case catastrophe strikes.


LSL said...

Yow! This one is awesome. Amazing. Great, great drawing.

Eversaved said...

I LOVE Bon Iver.

Awesome portrait. What media are you using?

d said...

lsl: thanks!

eversaved: me too. i'm all digital, baby.