just call me betty crocker

Ever since I became an adult (and I use that term very loosely), and moved out of my parents' house, my mom has tried, pretty much unsuccessfully, to impress upon me the value of being domestic. Mostly this comes in the form of gardening tips and 'easy-to-make' recipes. I think she's vaguely worried that I'm not eating well enough. And while I pretty much agree with her, I have to say, none of her suggestions have really ever taken hold.

Her latest salvo, when I went home for the holidays, was to inform me of an artisan bread recipe she'd recently found that made making your own bread at home a fairly painless affair. I told her I'd take it home with me, but not to hold her breath that I'd actually use it or anything.

For some unfathomable reason, yesterday I decided to give it a try. And you know what? She was right. It was pretty painless and the results are surprisingly edible.

Mostly I was hoping for bread for sandwiches as that's how I consume most of my grains, and this shape isn't really suitable for such a use, so I need to figure out how to turn it into a more traditional loaf shape, but other than that minor concern, I think I'll be making my own bread from now on.


Rebel said...

blogger ate my comment. =(

I really want a piece of that bread - it looks awesome. I love baking bread, and really miss it. It looks like you're making a standard bread here (flour water yeast salt) - and those you can shape any old way.

If you want something more like sandwich bread, the recipe will also include a little milk & an egg (an enriched bread). Those doughs are a little softer, so you use a rectangular high-sided loaf pan. My best advice for making sandwich bread is if they tell you to heat the milk, make sure you cool it down significantly before adding it to the rest of the ingredients. If the milk is too hot it will kill the yeast and you will get a door stop instead of a loaf of bread.

Go forth and bake! =)

LSL said...

Rebel's comment puts mine to shame. I have no baking tips to give you. Your bread looks awesome!

Also, isn't The Hour I First Believed intense? Wow. Wally Lamb is something.

Ok, also, Gossip in the Grain. Yay!

Michael5000 said...

Well done, Betty!

Jeannette said...

Woa, I didnt know people could make bread at their house. How'd you do it? I wanna try.

blythe said...

my bf bakes all the time. like right now. our gas bill is through the roof, but it does keep the kitchen warm. it's a wonderful practice. keep at it.