teal gallery opening

Ann and Dylan drove all the way up to Breckenridge from Santa Fe on Friday to help me celebrate the first ever gallery opening where some of my art work was being featured.

This was a VIP pre-opening where only the artists and special guests were invited to come see the new space, so not everything was quite...finished. As you can see, my paintings were still sitting on the floor. But that's ok. The gallery is pretty great, located on highly visible Main Street and has a really nice, open layout. The official opening is on the 20th, so I might go back up and see if things got put in their proper places.

The other good thing to see is that the owner has a really good eye for what makes good art. There wasn't really an uninteresting piece in the bunch and she's also chosen a wide variety of styles that should appeal to a pretty diverse crowd.

We only stayed for about an hour and a half before we were all ready to escape the need to engage in small talk with a bunch of people we didn't know, nor were really all that interested in meeting. I really suck at parties and small talk situations so I was extra glad to have Ann and Dylan along, otherwise I would've just stood in a corner, shivering with fear.

It was really great of my two friends to make such a long trek for just me. I can't say how much that meant.

Thanks to Dylan also for bringing his camera along as I left mine in the car. Without it, there'd be no actual photographic evidence. Other pics are up here.


LSL said...

This is so cool. Big, fat congratulations.

Melissa said...

congrats, buddy!! breck is kinda cool to visit (not necessarily to live for a long period of time...at least in my experience.) Next time you are there, there's a place called My Thai which has delectable (tho a bit pricey) food. It's on the east side of main street near the video store at the south end of town.

dylan said...

Well worth the trip! I feel a great sense of hope and enthusiasm whenever I think of it.