in which we bake cookies and don't burn down the house

A decided that he wanted to give people cookies for Christmas and since he doesn't have a kitchen, he decided that he would kidnap mine and use it for what God originally intended kitchens are used for—baking.

After going round and round about what kind to try to make (there are a TON of cookie recipes out there people), I finally convinced him that since neither one of us were bakers, we needed to keep it simple. So, we landed on chocolate chip and rum balls. But they ended up being bourbon balls because I didn't have any rum. Nor did I want any.

I was really expecting unmitigated disaster and maybe a small fire or two, but we ended up with fairly edible cookies and did not cause the oven to explode without even having to break out the fire extinguisher. I was honestly surprised by how easy it was. But don't think this means I'm gonna suddenly become a baker or anything, ok?


LSL said...

Well, I'm waiting for my cookies to come in the mail, Master Baker. (No snickering.)

I adore this post. You're cute as hell.

d said...

you said 'master baker'. heh.

well, i wish i could send you some cookies, but a ate most of them the next day.

the next time i bake cookies, you know, 10 years from now, i'll set some aside for you.

LSL said...