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After gorging ourselves silly on Bird Day, we decided it would be a good idea to get out, walk some, and see some of the things that Chicago has to offer. Whenever I head to a big city, I always feel like I should make it a point to do something cultural, since there's not a ton of that in my small town. To scratch my itch, T and E agreed to go visit the Museum of Contemporary Art since none of us were feeling up to tackling the Art Institute.

The thing I always love about contemporary art museums is you never really know whether you're gonna be crushed by the most disappointing, idiotic exhibits you've ever seen in your life, or shocked and amazed by the genius that some people are able to express through myriad art mediums. Thankfully, we got some of both at the Chicago MCA. There was one room full of duct taped walls that was amazingly dumb and I didn't really care for the main exhibit that used enlarged autopsy reports from the Iraq war silkscreened on canvas to make some comment about the atrocity of violence (I guess). But thankfully, there were plenty of good exhibits to make up for the few bad ones. One guy, who was born deaf, kept the scraps of paper that he used to communicate with people and arranged them in displays that became more and more interesting as you read the notes. Another woman used cut paper silhouettes to explore the history of race in America and yet another woman built a pretty awesome sculpture out of string and other regular household items, like measuring tapes and styrofoam cups.

On Saturday, after a delicious b-fast in Andersonville, we spent the day on a wander, which was a perfect way to end the trip. We hit a comic book store where I spent way too much money, a record store where I spent a shocking not-one-single-cent, and tried to find a hipster t-shirt store, but didn't really succeed. One of my favorite local landmarks was landing at Schuba's for a late lunch. If you're at all even interested in the indie music scene, you've likely heard of Schuba's. It's a pretty famous Chicago venue where they record a lot of pretty great live shows. Sadly, T and I did not get to see anyone play because we were there too early, but it did look like a nice place to witness history in the making.

The travel gods were not as kind to me on the return trip as they were on the one out, but the plane didn't crash and I got home the same day I left so I guess I should count myself fortunate.

Now that Bird Day is over, it's time to hunker down and try to survive winter. Hopefully becoming a Nordic Ranger will help me not hate it so much. If anyone has any other ideas how to make it to spring, feel free to holler.

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LSL said...

Love the comments about the museum, and those exhibits you described sound awesome. (Not the duct tape.)

Word verification: ecurea. Sounds like a med for a nasty rash.

d said...

totally. the kind of rash you only get in the naughty places.