a new dawn

I woke up this morning and as I lay there thinking about what happened last night, not unwelcome tears sprang into my eyes as I thought about what this means. Will everything immediately change for the better? No. As is evidenced by all of the anti-gay measures that passed in California, Florida, Arkansas and Arizona, we still have a long way to go before we as a nation start treating every citizen as equal human beings. But last night was a large step in the right direction. W's Reign of Idiocy is almost at an end. It's the hope that we can change that shines a blinding light on everything from now on. It's the faith in the American people that we can learn from our mistakes and correct our path that makes everything we struggle for worthwhile. It's the knowledge that as a country we aren't so stubborn and ignorant to recognize the best person for the job despite their unusual name and color of their skin that makes me truly believe that we are still a great nation and it's a blessing to live here, now.

And I'm thoroughly relieved that I don't have to move to New Zealand and become a shepherd.


LSL said...

I'm glad you're not moving and becoming a shepherd.

blythe said...

but did you know that if a new zealander shepherd wanted to move to the US to continue shepherding, they would have their own immigration category? god bless the usa.