my new theme song

If Neutral Milk Hotel and The Avett Brothers got really drunk one night and had sloppy, unforgettable sex, The Rural Alberta Advantage would be the result of that holy union.

The lead singer, Nils Edenloff sounds uncannily like Jeff Magnum and there're plenty of trumpets and violins to give TRAA at least a seat at the table of bands like NMH. But there's also a bluegrass-y, country-esque vibe that can only have come from the windswept prairies of the much forgotten Canadian Great Plains. You know that space between The Rockies and the Great Lakes that is rural no man's land.

After listening to this album roughly 2,000 times over the past week or so, I've decided that this song pretty much sums up my life. I mean, what if I am more satisfied when I'm alone? As an added bonus, it's got a pretty good beat.

Edmonton - The Rural Alberta Advantage


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious why you think Neko Case is a douchebag, and why you think Jenny Lewis is any less of one.

d said...

i LOVE neko case's albums. every single one of 'em. but as a person, i think she's a big ol' douche. she's just so much of a diva. while jenny lewis is too wholesome, cute and nice to be a douche.