if the republicans win

The Republicans are running the same kind of campaign that put W in office. One based on fear and secrecy and lies. Do we really want to continue four more years with the politics of Karl Rove? Can we really put into office a woman who has withheld her medical records and has yet to hold a press conference? Do we want a hate monger in office who flip flops on all of his positions depending on who he's talking to and what he thinks people want to hear? Aren't we all tired of this? Don't we want something new? A different era in politics is needed. If McCain wins, it means that we'll see the same negative campaign tactics in play for a long time to come. If Obama wins it means that every person who runs for office from here on out will have to play in a different, more positive way. Wouldn't that be nice?

Ok. I promise. No more talk of politics today. Just promise me that you'll get out and vote.


blythe said...

i already voted! and in a state where obama will win! woo hoo!

LSL said...

I promise. At 6:00 am tomorrow.