an historic day

It's here. Finally. And, not surprisingly, I'm anxious. Will we take the path less traveled and fight for change and newly found hope? Or will we settle once again for the status quo—for fear and hate and anger? Will we, as Americans, finally let it be known that there is more to a person than the texture of their hair, the shape of their eyes or the color of their skin? Will we say, 'Yes we can,' or let the straight talk express grind our bones into the gritty, hot asphalt of conservative theocracy?

I love this country and I love everything we stand for. As much as I am ready for this election year to be finally done, I most definitely enjoyed the crazy ride along the way. Get out there and vote people. Let your voice be heard. Nothing else is as important today as deciding the future of our country.

Another awesome beginning happens today as well—KU faces the Washburn Ichabods in their first game of the 08-09 season. If you thought you were sick of me talking about politics, just wait until about February when you'll be really sick of me talking about basketball. You'll look back on this time with fondness. Happy Election Day everyone.

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tina f. said...

Happy Election Day!! I have my ticket to tonight's rally all printed and ready to go. AGGHHHH.