the gods are smiling on me

The shuttle to the airport left 5 minutes early.

There was no one getting on at the third stop, so we left there ten minutes early.

We arrived at my terminal on time.

There was no one in the security line and I got through in ten minutes. Only getting stopped because I hadn't used the proper size of baggie for my liquids.

I always, always get stuck in a middle seat. It doesn't matter when I buy my ticket. It doesn't matter if I try to reserve an aisle seat online, they always switch me to a middle seat. They must know I'm kinda skinny and won't bitch too much about it. On a whim, I decided to see if they had any aisle seats available once I got to the gate. I'm sure you can guess what happened. And in an exit row no less. Ah. Extra leg room.

Here's hoping all this good luck doesn't cause the plane to explode half way to Chicago.

Happy Bird Day everyone.


Dave said...

Hope you have a good one!

LSL said...

That's not just good luck. I think you need to buy a lottery ticket. (And send it to me.) Have a great time in Chicago.

Michael5000 said...

All omens say: winter beard!