bird is the word

This year, C got a brand new carving set that was 100 times better than the hacksaw and table fork I used to carve last year's bird. This bird was just as delicious. As was the stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed Japanese sweet potatoes and zwiebach rolls that accompanied. Oh. And let's not forget the shortbread apple tart a la mode with homemade caramel topping that finished Gorgefest '08 off on the right note. Pair all of that with really good company and you have a Thanksgiving celebration worthy of American kings.

Usually, I absolutely refuse to celebrate Black Friday and its unabashed endorsement of Consumerism, but this year, I wouldn't mind acquiring a new digital camera. As you can see from the above that my current one takes really shitty indoor shots. And, I am in one of the largest cities in the country. Surely I can find a pretty good deal on one, right?

Hope everyone is surviving their Carb Comas.

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