38 hours to go

And I really can't wait for this to be over. It's really encouraging to see that the number of people who took advantage of early voting outstrips the total number of votes in 2004 already. That means that people are fired up. And they care. So, if nothing else, this election got people out there to exercise their rights. I'm really hoping that this means that I won't have to move to New Zealand and become a shepherd.

I talked with a friend last night whose parents won't vote for Obama because they think he's a socialist. Really? And why would that be a bad thing even if he were? I think we might need some socialism in this country. But the older set is really afraid of the specter of communism and they equate socialism with communism. A socialist approach to our health care system is probably going to be necessary at some point, at least.

I have another friend whose boyfriend won't vote for Obama because he thinks that Obama doesn't support the 2nd Amendment. Which isn't true. Obama just doesn't think that automatic and semi-automatic weapons should be legal.

But people vote with their hearts much more than their brains and there's nothing you can really do to persuade people once they've made up their minds. And emotions are running high this year. It's just great to see that so many people are getting out there to vote. Can you imagine what it would be like if every single person who was eligible showed up at the polls tomorrow?

Just keep this in mind, at Obama rallies there are a lot of cheers and at the McCain rallies there are a lot of boos and name calling, which I think says a lot about the campaigns each candidate is running and what kind of administration they will run.

Tomorrow is going to be crazy.

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blythe said...

listen to this week's (well, the one about polling/get out the vote in pennsylvania) This American Life. fascinating, as usual.