yay amuricka

On a chilly, autumn day in Fort Collins, Colorado, thousands (and I mean thousands) of folks turned out to wait in line to see one Barack Obama speak on the CSU campus. Luckily, friends Doug and Liz, who had already been waiting for an hour, let me join up with them so I ended up a lot closer to the gate than I would've otherwise. They got there at 11.30a and were probably a quarter of a mile away from the beginning of the line. By the time I got there an hour later we got word that the line was at least a mile long.

And just to put it into context, Obama wasn't even supposed to start speaking until 3.30p. So people stood in line for hours just to hear a politician give pretty much the same stump speech he's been giving for the past two weeks. Friend Doug was pretty freaked out about it. For the most part everyone was friendly and considerate. Even though quite a few people cut in line once it started moving, the free cheeseburger I got made up for their bad deeds.

I have to say, his speech was totally awesome. Seriously. I got chills even though I've heard it all a billion times already. It was great to be there with that many people who all believe that this one guy can make a difference.

We were too far back in the crowd for me to get a really good picture, but here's dark, shadowy evidence that Obama and I occupied the same square mile radius on this green Earth at the same time:

And, here's one more shot of the crowd. All of these people were standing back behind us.

Updated to add: I just saw online that 45,000 people showed up. Holy crap! That's nearly half the town.


Rebel said...

Awesome! I remember back during the primaries I saw all these fliers for an Obama rally but failed to grasp that Obama would actually *be* there! There was a similarly large turn out and I'm still kicking myself for not going.

You're a part of history now!

LSL said...

Awesome to be a part of something so huge and so historical. Also, can you get me the number of that Asian dude in the bottom pic?

blythe said...

i heard about the record crowd on npr this morning, and am just checking to make sure you were there. good job. also, jealous5000.

d said...

rebel; yeah, i'm still pretty stoked about it. it was crazy.

lsl; so that's how you roll. i'm all over it. there's only 112,000 people in town, it can't be all that hard, right?

blythe; but i thought you didn't think he'd make a good president...?

blythe said...

when did i say that? did i say that? i don't think anyone living would make a good president. we need futurama technology to reanimate FDRs head or something.

d said...

i swear at some point during the primaries you said he didn't have enough experience to do the job. but i could have you confused with someone else.

fdr's head would be awesome, but i think bho is as close as we're gonna get to another fdr in our lifetimes.