this is heartening

Fort Collins has had the misfortune (and bad judgment) to put one of the worst Congresspeople in office for not just one, but two terms and she's currently trying for her third. This year, though, it seems like we might finally be able to get rid of Satan's wife, Marilyn Musgrave:

If you live in FtC, get out there and vote for Markey—put an end to Musgrave's reign of terror. Also, there's a debate between the two Thursday night which is being aired on C-Span.

On the national side of things, I've been reading a lot about The Bradley Effect, which is named after some dude who tried to run for governor (?) in California sometime in the 80's. Basically it says that people will say they're comfortable voting for a black candidate when talking face-to-face with a pollster, but then when in the voting booth do the opposite. My dad, who's pretty cynical about politics, thinks this will hold true in this year's Presidential election and that ultimately the polls are false. I want to believe that as a country we've moved beyond discriminating against someone based solely on the color of their skin, but in my heart of hearts I'm not sure we have.

I want this to be over!


e. said...

i think the bradley effect fear has "conveniently" been brought back into the news. 1) I think that Obama has been strong for too long and to worry his strength is based upon liberal guilt, is insulting and 2) the "bradley effect" came out of an election in 1982. we could talk about how much has changed in our society since 1982, but do we need to, really?

d said...

1) i agree that obama has a definite base, but there has to be a certain percentage that say they will vote for him and then won't when it comes down to it. there just has to. i think it's naive to think otherwise. how much is there will only be apparent after the votes are tallied.

2) you have more faith in the american people than i do. which isn't hard to do.

ultimately, i hope you're right and i'm wrong.